tipping in Italy

Recurring question to private drivers: How does tipping work in Italy?

There is a lot of confusion about whether or not to tip drivers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses in Italy.
We could write rivers of words on this topic.

Given that tipping is not mandatory in Italy, but whoever performs a specific job for the public, let’s face it, somewhat expects it because in 98% of cases they receive it.

Already as children, on a school trip, the teachers told us “prepare some pennies to thank the driver“.

It’s part of our culture. The categories that you always tip are drivers (especially those who spend many hours with you), entertainers, artists, restaurateurs, bartenders, waiters, room cleaners, concierges, porters, private drivers, tourist guides. We start from a minimum which is generally 10% and even reach 20/25% if the satisfaction has been super: please remember that you can TIP ONLY CASH.

When one of these categories of workers doesn’t receive a tip, even if they’ll never tell you it out of politeness, even if they keep a smile on their faces, they’re suffering inside.

Don’t make them suffer. 😀