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Looking for wine tasting tour in Tuscany? Try it with a private driver

One of the typical specialties in Tuscany is certainly and internationally the wine.

Your driver, if you don’t have a program, will be the selector of the best wineries to make you fully enjoy the nectar (of the Gods).

The various experts of the wineries will show you their cellars and you will have a tasting that can be simple or accompanied by a light lunch.

It is important to have a driver in these circumstances because he guarantees your safety. You will enter landscapes that look like a postcard where the undisputed protagonist is nature. We advise you to have light breakfast to fully enjoy the specialties.

In addition to wine, it is often produced and made to taste also other typical product extra virgin olive oil. Often everything will be accompanied by toasted bread or, in some cases by cold cuts and aged cheeses (typical of the area).



Why visit Tuscany by van is much more comfortable?

Tuscany is a very large region but towns are often very far apart.

Using public transport for tourists would be too much inconvenience because you should make too many bus and train changes. And in that case the costs would obviously increase considerably.

Make my Day in Italy makes you have a comfortable and fully equipped van at your disposal and a driver who will try to satisfy your desires indicating the best solutions to try to optimize the time available.

Tours can be customized without becoming a photocopy of prepackaged tours.